3 Reasons to Hire a Rock Breaker Attachment


If you need to break rocks on a construction job, then it sometimes makes sense to hire a rock breaker attachment. These tools attach to excavators and diggers and turn them into hydraulic breaking machines.

When should you consider hiring a rock breaker? 

1. You Can't Blast

Blasting is a quick and effective way of breaking up large areas of rock. However, you can't always use blasting even if it is a good way to handle a job.

For example, you won't be allowed to blast through rock if your site is close to other buildings. Blasting could cause some peripheral damage to buildings and their infrastructure. Plus, blasting isn't always viable on plots where you have to meet environmental protection rules.

Here, a rock breaker helps you prepare your ground without causing any peripheral damage. It's a lot easier to control a single machine and target its work in the right places than it is to use a blanket blast.

2. You Have a Lot of Rocks to Break

Your crew can break some areas of rock with jackhammers. However, if you need to break up a large area of rocky ground, then manual breaking isn't the most efficient way to manage the job.

Your crew will need time to finish this work. Jack hammering is a physically tiring process, so they will need regular breaks. If you have a tight schedule, then jackhammers might not be fast enough to keep your project on track.

Plus, if you need to work on different surfaces, say if you have to break up rocks, different types of concrete and road surfaces, then you might need to use a range of hammer tools.

A rock breaker prepares larger plots faster. You can also use these attachments on various surfaces and ground conditions.

3. You Want to Keep Costs Low

If you need to break up a large plot of land or surface, then your costs will be higher if you use jackhammers. If you don't put enough people on the job, then your project might be delayed, and you could be hit by time-penalty fines.

While you can increase the size of your crew so that you can work faster, this increases your labour costs. You also have to hire more jackhammers and other tools.

Rock breaker attachments lower your costs. You pay to hire one piece of equipment and you won't need to hire extra workers. Plus, you'll finish the job faster—a single rock breaker works more quickly than multiple people using jackhammers.

To find out more about rock breaker hire options, reach out to a local construction equipment hire service.


18 July 2023

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