What Critical Factors Determine the Overall Cost of Excavator Hire


Regarded as highly versatile and reliable machines, no one can overlook the role of excavators in the construction industry. They support various attachments that facilitate the completion of essential projects, including trenching, land clearing, digging, earth moving, etc. While purchasing an excavator has numerous advantages, most people choose to rent these machines, especially for short-term projects. 

Different companies rent excavators at varying rates, but several factors often impact overall hire costs. Read on to learn more about some of them below. 

The Excavator's Age

A new excavator will often cost more to hire than an old one. Therefore, it's imperative to evaluate the age of an excavator before renting. Regardless of the age of the equipment, it's essential to inspect it first before hiring. 

Ideally, it'll be wise to assess the excavator's attachments, engine, wheels and cab. Assess for any potential signs of cracks, wear and tear and determine if they can affect the equipment's overall performance. Only choose to hire an excavator that's in excellent condition. 

The Need for an Operator

Before hiring an excavator for your project, determine whether you need an operator. Some hire companies incorporate the cost of hiring an excavator operator in the initial equipment rental price. On the contrary, other companies might charge operator fees separately. Therefore, inquire more about these two options before hiring your excavator. 

Ideally, renting an excavator alongside an operator might be the cheapest and safest choice than enlisting your chosen operator. However, it can be a considerable cost-saving advantage if your staff have the experience and are licensed to operate such machines. Nevertheless, avoid working with inexperienced operators, which might increase operational risks and costly repairs. 

The Billing Rate

Generally, excavator hire involves hourly or fixed price rates for using the machine. The benefits of these two alternatives depend on your project's nature. For example, if you are running an extensive long-term project, opting for a fixed rate rather than an hourly rate might be prudent in the long run. 

However, if you only need to use the excavator for a few hours or days, consider an hourly rate since it's more affordable. Ensure you request an estimate for both options to determine which offers more convenience and affordability. 


Before hiring an excavator for your upcoming project, consider these three factors to determine the cost of renting the machine. Most importantly, get several quotes from reputable companies and compare them to find a worthwhile option. For more information, contact a company like Statewide Hire Pty Ltd.


11 August 2022

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