Choose the right core drilling equipment


When you need to undertake concrete core drilling jobs, it is essential that you have access to the right equipment to complete the task. Selecting the right equipment means taking the time to think through the project requirements and choosing the core drilling equipment that can best meet those exact requirements.

Why does core drilling equipment matter?

There is a variety of equipment you could use to drill holes through concrete, but not all of that equipment will do the job equally well. To achieve a precise circular hole of exactly the size you need, you will need a specialist core drill with the right diamond blades to cut evenly and precisely through the concrete. Using the wrong equipment could leave you with a useless hole of the wrong shape or size.

Electric or hydraulic?

When it comes to core drilling equipment, there are only really two possible ways of powering your drill. You could opt for an electric core drill or a hydraulic core drill. Either of these drills should be able to create perfect holes of the size you need, and you could even use these drills interchangeably in some come circumstances. In other circumstances, you will need to make a choice between them based on the availability of power in your location. If you have access to electricity or a back-up battery, then an electric core drill may be the best choice, but if you need to work underground or somewhere without ready access to electricity, then it may well be quicker to use a hydraulic drill rather than waiting for someone to set up a circuit to power the drill.

Choose a precise drill

If you aren't sure which core drilling equipment you need, it is a good idea to ask about the technical specifications of each drill or even see the drill in use if possible. You will want to be assured that your chosen drilling equipment can create a hole of the precise dimensions that you need, whether that hole is a metre in diameter or 10mm in diameter. If the drill can't drill precisely, then you could end up having to rework much of your drilling adding time to the job and potentially increase your costs exponentially.  

Choosing the right core drilling equipment isn't an optional extra. If you make the wrong choice, there are financial and reputational implications for your business. It might be tempting to choose the cheaper option and make a short-term saving, but if your drill doesn't have the right capabilities, you are simply building more costs into your project at a later stage.


22 May 2019

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