Safety Tips for House Demolition


House demolition is a dangerous process, hence the need for safety precautions. Due to the dangerous process, accidents can severely injure workers. The following safety precautions should be considered during demolition:

Proper equipment

Employees should use proper equipment as long as they work on the construction site. It is essential that they know which type of equipment they should wear for safety purposes. It is essential that they know how to use the equipment that can protect them from harm in the event of an accident on site. In addition, ensure that only certified employees deal with explosives.

Ideally, every employee on site must have 5-part protective equipment that includes a hard hat, high visibility jacket, safety gloves, glasses and boots. The required protective equipment varies depending on the activities required on site. Some projects may require facemasks and fireproof overalls for specific tasks. 

Final assessment

It is important to do a final evaluation of the building before you can begin the demolition process. A final evaluation involves going through every room to ensure that everyone and everything is evacuated. It is essential that every worker is at a safe distance before explosive demolition occurs. In addition, ensure that unauthorised people are not present on site. After a final assessment of the building is performed, demolition can happen without compromising the safety of your employees.

A final assessment also checks to ensure that electrical cables, which are a safety hazard, are disconnected before demolition. It is important to notify utility companies that supply gas, water and sewer services to turn off their connections to the building.

Perform an asbestos check

Demolition of a building without the removal of asbestos can have negative consequences. Asbestos is a dangerous material that can damage the lungs when inhaled due to the hook-like nature of the asbestos particles. You will need a permit to remove asbestos in the building. If on-site workers are not certified to handle asbestos removal, then it is smart to call in an outside team. This is because of the hazardous nature of asbestos that can harm all employees in the area.

Asbestos removal will require the use of full-body suits and a breathing mask that will prevent the inhalation of asbestos. In addition, all openings of the building should be sealed off to prevent the displacement of asbestos in the air. The asbestos material should also remain intact to avoid displacement of the asbestos particles.

Contact a demolition professional for more information about relevant safety practices.


28 February 2019

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