Why Fit Tyre Inflation Systems on Your Semi-Trailers?


If you feel like you're constantly fitting new tyres to your semi-trailers, then you'll want to find ways to make tyres last longer. Tyre inflation management (TIM) systems could help. How does a TIM system work? What are the benefits?

How TIM Systems Work

Tyre pressure doesn't stay at optimum levels on its own. As tyres are used, pressure fluctuates and needs to be manually checked and adjusted. Your drivers may not know that pressure levels aren't right unless they can see that a tyre looks a little flat or they check its pressure.

TIM turns air pressure into an automated system. Once it's connected to tyres, its sensors run constant checks on their pressure levels. If pressure is too low, the system inflates the tyres; if it is too high, it deflates them. If things are really out of the ordinary, the system sends an alert to the semi-trailer driver telling them that there is a problem.

The Benefits of TIM Systems

If you drive on tyres that don't have the right air pressure, you put them under extra stress. They wear down more quickly and need replacing earlier. This also increases fuel consumption. Your tyre replacement and fuel costs will be higher than they need to be. A TIM system reduces these unnecessary costs. Tyres last for longer and don't need extra fuel.

A TIM system also has safety benefits. When tyres wear down, they lose traction. This affects the trailer's braking. For example, it may take longer to stop and be harder to control.

Tyres that are connected to a TIM system are less likely to affect the trailer's brakes. TIM also reduces the chances of total tyre failure likes blowouts. If a driver loses control of a semi-trailer when a tyre fails, then they could seriously injure themselves, other drivers and pedestrians.

This kind of accident could also seriously damage your semi-trailer. This hits your bottom line. If the trailer is out of action for a while for repairs, then you'll be a vehicle down. If the trailer is written off, then you have to buy a replacement.

If you're buying a new semi-trailer, it makes sense to buy one with a TIM system. You can also retrofit these systems to existing trailers. Your construction equipment supplier will be able to fill you in if you are interested in doing this.


8 November 2018

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