Superior-Quality Crane Borers and Their Role in Sports Lighting Cable Installation


Stadiums and other sporting establishments need a good supply of lighting regardless of the time of day, which makes it necessary to supplement natural lighting with floodlights. Lighting cables are installed to support the lighting fixtures and offer the needed lighting. The installation involves underground excavation, which means ensuring that other utilities, such as water supply pipes, aren't interfered with in the process. Power and telephone cables are also very heavy and need specialised equipment to lift and install into the excavated holes. Understanding the role that crane borers play in the installation of sports lighting cables makes it easy to get the right equipment specification.

Using the right fixture and pole combinations

Wind is a crucial determining factor when it comes to deciding on the fixture type for lighting cables. You have to choose a fixture type which has the ability to withstand the wind strength in the pole location as this is what determines their stability. All lighting housing fixtures have an effective projected area, and changing the type of fixture also changes the EPA load. The role of the crane borer is to make sure that once you have calculated the EPA and also determined the right type of fixture to use, the installation is done properly for maximum longevity of the project.

Dealing with wind-induced vibrations

When installing poles that are longer than 20 feet and that are in a place that experiences a lot of wind, you have to be careful with the installation. Wind-induced vibrations will affect the ability of your pole to maintain steadiness, and when the wind speed is high, the vibrations can fracture the weld between the pole and the plate. Boring holes which are deep enough to increase stability is one of the effective ways of dealing with wind vibration issues.

Proper handling of the crane borer

The success of your lighting cable installation will also depend on the expertise of the person handling the crane borer. For instance, the crane can only be used for installations, and under no circumstances should it be used to lift the cables off the holes. It is also important to ensure routine performance checks are done on the borer to reduce the possibility of the crane breaking down during operation.

The success of lighting fixture installation relies on the quality of the lights, the poles and also the efficiency of equipment such as the crane borers. As long as all of them are in excellent condition, the installation will be up to standard.


3 October 2018

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