Homesteading Projects that Benefit from an Excavator Hire


Taking on a homestead and homesteading land can be a time consuming yet rewarding endeavor. For many people looking at a homesteading lifestyle, the tasks and projects around the homestead will likely be DIY related. This means hiring out various equipment depending on the needs you have at the time and projects you face. If you are considering an excavator hire, you may want to look at several of the DIY homesteading projects you can do with an excavator so you can plan them all at once and get the most out of the hire contract.

Clearing Old Buildings

When you buy a property to homestead, it may have some outbuildings scattered throughout the acreage. These may be old storage sheds, barns, or even old guest style homes. If they are beyond repair, or in the way of your homestead plan, then you may have plans to knock them down and clear the land. You can rent an excavator that may be able to help with portions of this process including breaking up and clearing old foundations and pipes that may be left behind once the building is demolished.

Clearing Roots

When you think about clearing land with an excavator, you likely think about large trees and shrubs. The truth is, you can rent certain types of excavators that can handle removing and clearing roots and stumps as well. This is especially useful when you are dealing with a large amount of land that may have been partially cleared or may have too many roots and buried stumps to allow usage of the land right away. This will also help you soften the dirt and soil to give you a suitable area for sustainable gardening, high tunnels, or other food production projects.

Clearing Land for Sustainable Food Sources

When most people hear about homesteading they generally think of growing crops or raising animals that produce food of some kind. What they may not think of is the benefit of having a man-made pond or lake that is filled with fish for sustainability. There are several types of fish, like tilapia, which do well in this type of environment. Some homesteads have even cleared land for this purpose and combined the use of fish with gardening to produce an aquaponics based sustainable source.

These are just a few of the homesteading projects that can benefit from an excavator hire. By combining some of these ideas and other ideas for projects you may have, you can get the most out of your hire contract and help develop your ideal homestead experience. 


27 November 2017

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