What to Look for When Choosing a Residential Demolition Company


Demolishing an old residential structure in your property can create space for the construction of a new, modern, and more functional building. The process of demolishing a building is involving, and ensuring that you have the right professionals for the job can make the project easier, promote safety, and ensure that you abide by the local legislation. Getting the demolition and associated services from one company can minimize the cost and promote better management and accountability throughout the project. Here are some of the services that you should look for when choosing the suitable demolition company.

Hazardous materials inspection Old structures that were built before the ban of hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead paint should be inspected before demolition. When such hazardous materials are disturbed without any abatement measures in place, they may result in environmental pollution. Lead paint and asbestos are also associated with various health complications. Site inspection before demolition will ensure that the proper abatement measures are taken to remove or isolate the hazardous materials so that they don't pose an environmental or health hazard. Hiring a demolition company that offers inspection services would be feasible for your project. The managing contractor will be able to take the necessary steps and measures to facilitate safety throughout the project.

Crushing and reusing After a demolition, aggregate materials may be crushed for easier disposal or reusing for other construction projects. Reusing materials can be beneficial for your budget during the construction project. It can also facilitate the conservation of the environment by reducing the amount of waste that's dumped into the landfill. When choosing a demolition company, make sure that they offer these services. They should have a crushing and screening plant which undertakes the crushing of aggregates for recycling purposes.

Site clearance The process of clearing a site after demolition requires the use of heavy equipment such as diggers and excavators. Although most demolition companies offer site clearance services, it is essential to ascertain the fact to avoid any misunderstandings after the commencement of the project. It can also help you make prior arrangements for waste collection and disposal. Make sure that the company has the latest site clearing attachments such as shears, grapples, pulverizers, and hydraulic breakers. These can improve the efficiency of the heavy equipment and facilitate cost savings if the equipment has been rent out at an hourly rate.

These are the essential services that you should look for when choosing a demolition company for your project. It is worth comparing a few firms before settling for one so that you can get the best value out of the services.


21 November 2016

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