How to Select the Best Truck Suspension Seat


Many truck drivers may find it daunting to select a suspension seat from the huge array available on the market. This article discusses some features that you should look for as you narrow your options of suspension seats for trucks.

Number of Moving Parts

The maintenance cost of a suspension seat may be related to the number of moving parts that it has. Suspension seats with many moving parts are more likely to develop defects when compared to seats with few moving parts. This is because the higher number of moving parts creates a higher chance that a component will fail because of the seat experiences many movement cycles that accelerate metal fatigue. Buy a suspension seat with as few moving parts as possible. The manuals of the different models can help you to identify which ones have fewer moving parts.

Reinforced Air Lines

The lines or hoses that deliver the air that the suspension seat relies on to dampen road vibrations should also be considered. Lines that aren't reinforced can easily develop leaks over time. This is because they may be directly withstanding the worst of the movements of the suspension seat as the seat adjusts to shield the driver from the shocks and vibrations of the truck as the truck moves on the road. Pick a suspension seat that has reinforced hoses or lines so that you won't have to conduct frequent repairs on damaged lines.

Massage System

Your muscles are likely to become stiff when you drive your truck nonstop for several hours. That stiffness may arise because the muscles in your lower limbs have hardly moved throughout that long journey. Suspension seats with a massage system can prevent that muscle stiffness from developing. You will consequently be less fatigued or sore at the end of the trip.

Proper Ventilation

You are likely to sweat in the course of the day as you drive your truck. The trapped sweat on your thighs and buttocks can make you extremely uncomfortable. This problem can be avoided by selecting a suspension seat that is well ventilated. The ventilation system may also serve the purpose of heating or cooling the seat so that you enhance your comfort during different weather conditions.

This discussion covered features that you can evaluate as a layperson. Ask an expert to explain the technical differences between the different suspension seats in case you feel that your final decision is hinges on the factors you don’t quite understand.


9 November 2016

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